Hurricane Storm Protection

The Stormtech System™ hurricane storm protection delivers a strategic and patented approach to increasing the strength of a structure during a high wind storm.

Interlock and Tie-Down Method: 

Engineered for wood framed structure of homes, apartments, small commercial buildings, and other frame structures up to five stories in height. The system reduces or eliminates the risk of catastrophic damage from hurricanes or any wind storm with potential to loosen, damage, or destroy a framed structure.

Rafter Locks

The system locks each rafter and ceiling joist together at their points of contact with steel brackets to form a solid channel for a high tensile-strength steel cable.

Steel Cable Threading

To increase the strength and integrity of the structure, the Stormtech System™ involves a steel cable threaded through a series of brackets attaching the roof rafters to the ceiling.  These cables run from one corner stud to another that anchors each end to the foundation or slab.

Structure Stabilizing System

Stormtech System™ provides a unique structural stabilizing solution for all sides of the structure. Turnbuckles are placed in the attic to allow tightening of the cables after the wood frame settles and shrinks insuring consistent structural integrity.

Easy Installation

The Stormtech System™ provides a very practical and easy to install method of strengthening the framework of a home, in a manner that doesn’t adversely affect the homes look in any way, with the added benefit of possibly having lower insurance premiums.